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Some songs from the DVD Boothby Graffoe NOMAD (no sane either) live at Colchester Arts Centre 2013. Now on Youtube for all to enjoy!

Shot at Bentwaters Parks in Rendlesham with the opening sequence in the Hush House

Production Design by Eileen Aldous 

EMC Lotus F1 Truck Jump 

EMP provided production design at The Hush House in Rendlesham for the opening sequence of this classic and unique stunt. Full pro version of the film can be found at www.emc.com

Congratulations to Mike Ryan (truck) and Martin Ivanov (F1) for pulling off the world's first truck and trailer record jump. 83 feet 7 inches!

we were so happy to be there and be part of this amazing event.

Three videos made for the Visit Suffolk campaign

full site at www.takemetosuffolk.com

EMP in partnership with Film Suffolk, creating three of twenty new videos for the Visit Suffolk web campaign.
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visit eileenaldous.co.uk production design page

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